The Lost




5 Apr 2003

A few quick changes to make it compile with gcc 3.

1 Dec 2002

Quick update. The changes are mostly with the scripts and scripting language. I've been spending a lot of time working on a proper map but I'm still not happy with it.

15 May 2002

Long overdue mantanance release. The character animation with the previous release was not quite right. I've added texture mipmaping and more variables to the run-time configuration file.

27 February 2002

Time for a new release. I've done a lot of work on the character animation. I've added font rendering and a frame rate counter and a map coordinate indicator to test it out. The other big addition is that of a run-time configuration file.

17 December 2001

Another release. Added audio support using OpenAL.

8 October 2001

New release. Main difference being that I've now got the collision detection in place. There are a number of other engine tweeks including the addition of support for transparent textures other than the water, not that there are any in there yet. Now the main thing left is to get to work on the inital map.

I've also updated the screen shots.

9 September 2001

I've finally gotton around to putting up a first release for download.

27 September 2000

Just to give you some idea of how long it's going to be, here is my TODO list of things I want to get done before the first release.

  • Main Loop:
    The main loop needs some work. Mainly getting the script engine to run in a frame rate independent manner.
  • Scripting Engine:
    The scripting engine is almost done but completely untested. There are also no built-in functions presented to the scripts.
  • Water:
    I want to add water. Something along the lines of what TuxAQFH does but with an animated texture instead of a drifting done. I have no plans to allow for underwater camera views.
  • Scripts:
    A lot of the functionality I've put off saying "that can be scripted". But some of it is essential and most of it will require complex built-in functions.

Once this lot is done the game engine will be almost fully functional. The remaing work will be focused on the game itself and the content tools.

23 September 2000

I've re-styled this web page. What do you think? The title "The Lost" is just a working title for the game. I will most likely end up keeping it for lack of a better name. Naming my game after my web site just seems a bit odd.

I got the model in the screen shot from Verse. Check it out. It looks to be very exciting work. I'm surprised that it has remained such a low profile project.

I've been using textures from Graphtallica. The background image of this web page and the grass in the screen shot. They are from texture pack 7 in case you are interested.


Screen Shots

screen shot 1
screen shot 2
screen shot 3